16. January 2021 3 min read

Jabra Elite Active 75t has Active Noise Cancellation

I am an owner of Jabra Elite Active 75t Bluetooth headphones for some time now, but as you can see from other posts there were some bumps in the road. It has not been a whole year yet, and while I managed to solve one earbud low volume problem, the headphones occasionally also stop playing audio. They are still connected to phone and audio playing application, either Youtube, Podcast or AIMP player seems to be rolling music, but the phone is still convinced that it is playing on headphones, which are silent.
I read some of the responses online and they all say support advises them to send back the headphones, which based on the return policy might be replaced by a refurbished set. And since I am picky about getting even worse set someone was mishandling, I am trying to avoid such replacement. I found one claim where the firmware update solved the problem and based on the short experience I had so far the 2.0.0 did indeed solve it.
But here I am to write about Active Noise Cancellation. The setup is simple. You stand next to the working hairdryer and adjust the intensity up and down the field first, while afterward also for the left and right ear. The message is telling you that your ears might hear differently and since my sound profile indeed indicates I am more sensitive to one are, I kinda acknowledge that point. Once you configured it, it indeed reduces static noise noticeably. How good, depends on the fit inside your ears, but for me, it works great. While I could not listen to music before in such a noisy environment, I can now easily listen to songs without much disturbance. The button to set hear through now gets a 3rd option for Active Noise Cancellation, so it is all nicely interfaced for maximum comfort.
It was one of the features this relatively pricey headset was missing when I was selecting it at the start of 2020, but now except for some other technical problems the Jabra Elite Active 75t headphones perform admirably.

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