25. September 2020 2 min read

Jabra Elite Active 75t extremely low volume in the right earbud

I have been using the Jabra Elite Active 75t Bluetooth headphones for some time now, and each couple of months the volume level in both (or just right) suddenly drops. The low volume or volume decrease is indication of dirt in the small channel next to the earplug needs cleaning. I have also noticed that in Ubuntu the test for Front Left and Front Right test is quiet, like you can`t hear at all unless you turn off the side volume. Cause is the same: dirt in the small hole in the earplug.
You need to clean dirt from that hole gently with needle (just sides). Be careful not to go too deep (still trying to find out what is in that hole) and make sure you try to take all of the dirt. One of the easy tests is that you keep playing your music on the headphones and you will suddenly hear an volume increase. jbowditch user on Reddit nicely contributed the image of this hole:

That`s it. With a bit of cleaning and you are good to go. Like everywhere clean gear will perform much better.

After talking to JABRA support this is unsupported action, which would void guarantee (even if you are not opening it). They also did not tell me what the hole is for.

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