Jabra Elite 7 Active Headphones review

During my cycling I have dropped my left Jabra Elite 75t Active earbud into the grass and I was never able to recover it. It did not connect to the right hearbud and the Search feature in Jabra Sound+ app was useless. (more...)

Cannot recreate IngressRoute Traefik Hub

I was trying to refresh an existing certificate with Traefik and Traefik Hub-agent installed, but I was getting this unrelated webhook internal error. It did not allow me to delete IngressRoute, or even modify it. (more...)

Curl show upload progress information

All the online tutorials claim that curl shows detailed progress information while downloading and uploading. While I do realize than when downloading with curl command the information is shown, that is not the case when uploading. (more...)

Convert MySql exported data from Adminer JSON file to php array which can be imported into SleekDB

I wanted to put my personal blog on Kubernetes cluster, but the main hurdle was to get the MySQL server running on cluster. Because other applications already migrated to PostgreSQL server this would basically require a pod with persistent volume running on cluster for nothing. (more...)